Welcome to the European Animated Films WikiEdit

Hi and welcome to the wiki all about animated films made in Europe. Europe is home to many kinds of animated films. Many European animated films are known for being dark, mature, and creative. For a movie to be on this wiki, it has to have at least a part that was filmed in a European Country.

Rules and HelpEdit

  1. Make sure that the movie has at least one part made in Europe (live action or animated parts)
  2. Don't mess with the admins
  3. If you vandalise make, you will be banned
  4. If you need help knowing some European animated films go to this link:
  5. If you make an article, I recomend you add a gallery so that we can show the animation style that the movie goes for.

Stuff you can make articles about.

  1. Animated films
  2. European actors and actresses
  3. European Directors
  4. Production companies and movie studios

Latest activityEdit

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